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Below are a number of extracts from documents that have been found in school. The descriptions below relate to the images at the bottom of the page.





  1. Map of 1870

  2. Map of 1939

  3. The cover label of the first log book - an exercise book! but it was wartime.

  4. Opening Day 20th May 1940 Log entry by Headteacher Mr. H.J.Ryder. The entry spans 2 pages of the original exercise book used as the school log. Note the name of the school at the top is not Sidney Burnell. It also lists the classes and staff. The original spanned 2 pages. 

  5. School Log entry for 11.47 a.m.16th December 1940 detailing an air raid when 2 bombs fell on the school whilst it was in session, 1 landing near the boys bicycle store, 1 in the the West court. No children hurt. The original spanned 2 pages.  

  6. School Log entry for 24th July 1942 detailing the effects on the school playing field of the activities of the local Home Guard. Note the detail of the ammunition found, not just a thunderflash noted but a Mark VI, and the importance attached to the events by the headteacher as he informs the Director of Education of the council "by telephone..."

  7. Headmaster's report for the academic year 1948-1949. There are 2 pages.

  8. Invitation card to Speech day 1961.

  9. Speech day 1965 programme - note guest of honour, Douglas Bader the famous World War II fighter pilot.

  10. Speech day 1967 programme - note guest of honour, Arthur Bottomley government minister for overseas development, a local resident and husband of the Chairman of Governors Mrs Bottomley.

  11. Extract from punishment book 1949.

  12. Extract from Headteacher's Log June 1963 detailing a burglary and a garden party.

  13. Extract from Headteacher's Log January - February 1963 - The winter known as the "Big Freeze"

  14. Leaflet given to parents about school attendance 1939,signed Sidney Burnell, Director of Education.

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